Operations of Nosturis Platform

Proposal for tokenization can be submitted by anyone in the world to explain more about their project.

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The Nosturis Roadmap

Nosturis will implement the following processes in achieving our objective of tokenizing the world.

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The Nosturis Token, NTRS

The Nosturis token (NTRS) is the native token of the platform, providing utility as a digital asset fueling or powering the Nosturis Platform.

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Proposal for Tokenization from anyone in the world  can be  submited to  explain more about their projects.  With  the NTRS Token and the Nosturis platform, this can be done withing minutes.  Individuals, groups, merchants and companies that wish to raise funds can create their own tokens quite easily with the help of Nosturis.  

In future,  It is intended that  these tokens will be traded with other cryptocurrencies, and be applied as a payment method -  If there are merchants that are willing to accept them.  Alternatively, these tokens  may be exchanged with products and services from the issuer.  To proceed, a proposal should  include the details of the tokens that is intended to be generated before they can be listed on the Nosturis Platform (following issuance).  Submitting a proposal requires a specific amount of NSTR Tokens to be paid.   Proposal that are paid and sent to the Nosturis Platform will be carefully audited by our business team before being published for public sale - provided the proposal is proven to be legitimate. 

The Nosturis team will provide full support and facilities needed by the applicants during the process of issuing their tokens. With Nosturis, applicants will not have to worry about technical aspects on implementing tokens.  Every process will be guided by our team.  Within a week of proposal approval, it is possible  that your tokens could be generated and traded on the Nosturis Platform.  Creating your own tokens and going through a token sale can be a long, exhausting process. Here at NOSTURIS, the process of generating tokens is designed to be fast, easy, and error free.  We handle all the technical aspects from the beginning till the end. You will not have to generate your own  wallet or worry about cold storage, and the smart contract codes created for you are to the best of our knowledge safe and secure.  By using the NOSTURIS Platform, you  can automatically  generate your own token using the Ethereum blockchain.  

Nosturis will undertake a detailed process of evaluating the project before accepting to take on it.  For instance,  What makes your token better than others? Why should people support your  project?  Most importantly,  why should investors spend their  money to buy your token better than others? You will have to let us have the answers to these questions in detail if  you expect people to invest.  With us, you will not have to create your own website.  The website developing process is easy for big companies, but for startups and small businesses, money is needed for hiring developers, paying site domain,  hosting, security, auditing and  regular  maintenance;  the amount of  funding needed can easily drain your available resources. 

With Nosturis, you will have pre-set profile page provided for you to run token sales. This page can be filled and edited by users to promote their tokens, and also shows the NOSTURIS rating of the proposal you submitted.  You will receive your own profile page that is accessible  with a subdomain from NOSTURIS. For example your site could be named and located at "mycoin.nosturis.com" and your token sale could be up and running in minutes, you can even attach your white paper for public consumption - as you will be able to personalize your own website.  Every token sale project will be announced through email and mobile notifications to all users on a daily or weekly  basis depending on the individual subscriber preference. 

All projects will be listed on our website and social media platforms to ensure maximum audience exposure.  Primary Market (Tokens Sale):  Fundraisers will not have to worry about searching for potential investors to invest in your tokens.  You will not even have to educate people on how to buy your tokens! You might have heard how hard it is to buy a token;  when processes are overly complicated;  new users can easily get confused.  A more straightforward,  streamlined process allows investors to install an Ethereum Wallet and properly make a transfer to smart contracts.  Simply installing a wallet and making transfers can allow most users to participate,  but can also increase risk,  particularly for those who are not crypto-savvy or who  are inexperienced.  With the help of NOSTURIS.


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