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Nosturis Technology and Business Platform is the cutting edge blockchain development which makes it easy for various businesses to trade their different products and services by issuing tokens against such assets.  This provides a one stop shop service for all new comers who want to key into the huge opportunities provided by blockchain technology. 
This platform will enable projects with business ideas to easily sell their products and services by issuing fractional tokens against such and trading this against myriads of other crypto assets.  Consider this platform as the versatile avenue for tokenizing businesses of all sorts, across all industries, goods and services: supermarkets issuing loyalty points, gymn time share points, spas reward points, office space sharing time points, fashion brands membership points, office space sharing time points, fashion brands membership points, telecoms companies gift vouchers, gas stations friendship points etc.
Considering the foregoing, the platform will similarly serve as a crowdfunding place, to enable small and large enterprises to raise funding for their business ventures.  It is intended that these individuals and businesses will be able to raise the funds they need from reliable investors in the global marketplace using a due diligence process that will be built into platform.  Hence customers and all users are prequalified for security through a KYC process and all are provided with a platform to tokenize various products and services.  people can easily trade loyality points or any other tokenized assets which traditionally are too large for people with small capital to subscribe.  Individuals can trade issued token by any business for products and services on the Nosturis Technology & Business Platform.  Tokens are intended to be liquid and easily exchangeable with hundreds of merchants and service providers alike. 
As a modern business platform,  this Nosturis Technology & Business Platform App will be supported by round the clock customer assistance for all aspect of the utilization of this service.   This covers all services required to facilitate your business in generating your own tokens, from handling all technical aspects, maintaining security, providing free publication and marketing, to assisting you on the listing of your token on our exchange, and on other exchanges which will help publicize your tokens on their trading platforms and get you exposed to the investors you need.  For people interested in trading, ajor cryptocurrencies and new promising tokens will be tradable on the on the Nosturis Platform App.