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What is the NTRS Token? The NTRS Token is the native token of the NOSTURIS Platform.

  • Provides utility as a digital asset or token that is built as the fuel powering the NOSTURIS PLATFORM.  
  • Serves as the gas energizing all transactions and this has been created to support a better, fairer and more reliant crowdfunding platform that can be used by anyone around the world. 
  • With the NTRS Token, small enterprises can raise funds to support their businesses through the issuance of their own tokens and also compete on a global scale. 
  • Anyone can  become an investor to support the project in which they are interested. 
  • Additionally,  it is also intended that large companies, merchants and startups can trade their loyalty points alike on the NOSTURIS Platform in the form of their  own tokens.  It is intended that NTRS Tokens are tradable assets and also a means to make payments easier, faster, and frictionless in an emerging new economy.



NOSTURIS PLATFORM will offer small merchants entrepreneurs, and young people with big ideas an opportunity to translate their ideas into worthwhile business ventures. NOSTURIS will carefully select participants, analyze their propositions and the future prospects of such businesses. As people with limited knowledge have had difficulty distinguishing companies that is truly secure, the NOSTURIS PLATFORM was born from the desire to combat frause, and prevent scams from unreliable organizations and companies. Nosturis goal is not just to become a global token platform for crowd funding purposes, but to become the biggest platform for tokenization.  With the NOSTURIS PLATFORM, participants will be able to get funding, and a variety of products and services can be tokenized and become interchangeable across borders.  NOSTURIS Platform was built to  create a crypto-ecosystem that solely relies on blockchain technology, the secure and highly effective peer-to-peer distributed ledger system.